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Furnishing of the Yurt

The yurt is furnished with wooden furniture. The traditional arrangement is always the same:

  1. Iron stove for cooking with chimney
  2. Wood box (will be stowed with the kitchenware when not used)
  3. Low table for eating
  4. Stool in the guest area (the family area is on the right)
  5. Beds for sleeping and sitting
  6. storage chests for personal items
  7. Chest/cupboard with altar and buddha image/statue
  8. pantry for kitchenware and food
  9. Water bucket
  10. Equimpment for manufacturing Airak (fermented mares milk)
  11. Saddle stand

Beds (or), cupboards (shkaf), chests (avdar), table (shiree) and stools (sandal) are painted with traditional mongolian ornaments in lively colors.

In the center there's an iron stove (zuuch) with chimney (jandan), water container (usnii sav) and wood box (dörvölj). A poker (chaitsch) is also necessary to maintain the fire. Up to two thirds of floor of the yurt can be covered by carpets (chivs).

In every yurt, a Hadag hangs from the center of the crown. The Hadag is a sash that has been blessed by a buddhist priest (Lama). It promises happyness, peace, and love.