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Assembly of the Yurt

The yurt was and is a very simple dwelling for the nomads, who relocate several times over the year. The assembly is easy and can be finished within two or three hours with a little practise.

A stationary yurt is normally erected on top of a wooden floor, which of course should be exactly horizontal. In summer, the planks are installed a little off ground on top of a batten grid to keep them dry. In winter they are placed directly on the soil to avoid draft.

Before starting, it is a good idea to place large pieces of furniture in the circle, because they may not easily fit through the narrow door.

Assembly of the wooden frame

The support frame of the yurt is made of wood: Assembly of frame.

Cover of the yurt

The cover of the yurt is composed of different types of textile materials, wool felt being the most important one. Cover of the yurt.

Collapsing a yurt is done in reverse sequence of assembly.