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Storage of the Yurt

The mongolian climate is very dry, which makes mold damages very rare. In more humid climates like in Europe or most of North America, it is recommended to collapse the yurt in winter. Otherwise the felt will collect humidity from the air, which may cause damages. Correct storage will ensure a long life especially of the cover materials.

The textiles must be completely dry to avoid mold. Usually it will be enough to spread them out in the sun for two or three hours. After that, the different parts get folded seperately, and put in dry storage. There's also some risk of infestation by mice and moths, especiall with the wool felt. We recommend to treat all parts with a common bug repellent spray. The higher quality products usually contain the plant extract Pyrethrum, which is completely harmless for warm blooded organisms.

The walls get folded together, and are best stored standing. The roof poles are bound together, and can be stored standing or lying. Painted parts should be stored in a way so that they can't rub against each other or agsinst other object, so that the paint doesn't get scratched.