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Import of Yurts to Germany May 2005

Touch-Down of a Container...

Transfer terminal Munich-Riem: We had to wait quite a while until the crane operator could free a little time for us. But then he finally fetched the green box from the other end of the terminal. With his monster machine, he placed it gently in a quiet corner.

Next time we may have to announce our wishes a bit earlier, in order not to arrive at an inconvenient time among their hectical everyday activities. Man and machine often work under enormous time pressure here to transfer unimaginable amounts of goods between rail and road.

What's inside?

We removed the safety seal with tools from the rail workshop (thanks!). The doors opened with a dramatic creak. And finally we could inspect our yurts with our own eyes!

Our partners in Mongolia had packed and secured everything very carefully. In fact we had underestimated the amount of packing material, and needed to work an extra shift in the end to dispose of all of it. But that also meant that every single item arrived intact and in pristine condition. We will just have to secure the next container a little better against water trickling in. Fortunately it didn't cause any permanent harm.

Many Colorful Surprises!

It took us a full day to unload a total of seven yurts and some colorfully painted pieces of furniture, and to repack them one by one into a variety of vehicles. The fascination in the eyes of the recipients was visible bright as day. How often can people sense the contact to an exotic country without personally travelling there?

At this point we'd also like to appologize to all those interested who didn't get a yurt this time. Unfortunately a container only offers a limited amount of space. But we're already busy organizing the next transport. If you asked us but were left empty handed for now, you'll soon hear from us again!